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April 05 2020


orbeez balls

Water beads is fun. We recommend that you only play with it when the children no longer put anything uncontrollably in their mouth. The balls are made of polymers, also known as superabsorbents . This is actually what is in baby diapers and absorbs moisture - often in a smaller granule form and combined with additional layers. orbeez balls They are said to be biodegradable and harmless, but I would still make sure that no one eats them.


And something else about the sustainability of the water pearls

Superabsorbents are biodegradable and not plastic waste. We used it for about 5 months. Yes, we threw them away. But there is a better solution: you can "bury" them in a larger flowerpot with a decent goodbye. According to this link here you can mix them with normal flower potting so that we loosen up the existing soil and continue to function as a water reservoir.


Get your water beads in New Zealand at: waterbeads.co.nz

February 27 2020


offshore web development

Binate Solutions offers the resources you need to build your software. We take a tailor-made approach to outsourcing, outsourcing software development companies offering fully-integrated software development teams customized to your specific projects and needs. We work as collaborative partners on long-term projects and are trusted by clients around the world, from the USA to Europe and Asia.

Our innovative Business Framework combines industry experience with a repeatable and scalable methodology, transforming the way global business process outsourcing is delivered.

We are your business partners.

February 04 2020


January 29 2020


January 12 2020


December 25 2019


October 31 2019


Cheap Flights and Holiday Packages in Dubai and Africa

Are you looking for exciting holiday in Dubai or Africa? zanzibar packages  Discover incredible places and experience the exciting holidays you'll never forget.

August 12 2019


Don Juravin protects homeowners against Bella Collina abusive management. Bella Collina Florida is a ghost town located 40 to 60 min away from Orlando. It has 17 years history of bad luck. Bella Collina homes and lots lost 500 million Dollars to homeowners. Actually, 500 to 700 families that invested in Bella Collina LOST ALL THEIR MONEY and more.

Don Juravin helps homeowners to know the FACTS ABOUT BELLA COLLINA. I believe Bella Collina is JINXED with BAD LUCK. Therefore, I WOULD NOT GET MARRIED in Bella Collina.

A homeowner in a Lake County luxury community said he has been dealing with "terroristic" and "mafia-like" behavior from the developer (Dwight Schar). Don Juravin filed a lawsuit claiming that when he spoke up, he was retaliated against. Even though Bella Collina has been around more than 15 years, the massive Montverde-area development is still mostly a ghost town with very few residents.

Juravin and his wife showed Channel 9's Steve Barrett wiring that he believes was cut outside their home as retaliation for complaints he made about the community.

"For 16 years -- this place existed for 16 years, and only 5 or 6 percent is occupied with family," he said. "It tells you the situation." Juravin​​​​​​​ filed a lawsuit last week in Lake County alleging libel, business interference, invasion of privacy and breach of contract, among other things. He said Bella Collina retaliates against residents who complain about financial dealings or other aspects of life at the troubled development.

"There is a club here," Juravin​​​​​​​ said. "But I'm not allowed and my family is not allowed to go to the club, because I placed a bad review on Google." Juravin's lawsuit also alleges that Richard Arrighi, a disbarred attorney, runs the community and clubhouse. Arrighi was convicted of funneling almost $10 million out of the state of Massachusetts' unclaimed checks fund. 

"What we've seen with Bella Collina is that if someone gets in their way, anyone who's connected to them is fair game," said Andrew Hill, Juravin's attorney. Juravin's suit makes a long list of claims, including illegal control of the property owners association, bullying homeowners and intimidation. "I saw so much going on I said, 'Somebody needs to stand up to them,'" Juravin​​​​​​​ said. "They're taking people's money."
Channel 9 reached out to the development several times Thursday, but a spokesman said he was unwilling to comment on the record.

Before Barrett reached out to the development, he was mailed court documents that were enclosed in Bella Collina envelopes.
The documents included sticky notes suggesting that Barrett take a look at them, but the documents were not signed.

The documents are injunctions against two people, including Juravin​​​​​​​, preventing them from saying certain things online about Bella Collina.

July 26 2019



On June 25th Zillow estimated my house at $2,131,420 and ONE MONTH later, on July 23, Zillow estimated my house at $1,977,677. That’s almost $154,000 price drop which is 7.2% loss. SCARY.


Author: Don Juravin (resident)

July 02 2019


Diablo 2

Diablo and Diablo 2 are among the most played action role playing games in the PC games world. Millions of fans have spent days and years playing this game without any regret.
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May 18 2019


Business Plan Template For Entrepreneurs

We are the outside-the-Box , professionals here to give you the best change, solutions and strategies to develop your business idea.I can take your dream and help you make it an attainable goal. Our life experience and formal education has led us to the following conclusions:

Everyone has an amazing idea. It’s the execution that gets the job done. We are your executioner.

Brussels sprouts do not taste that great, no matter what my mom says.  Business plan examples

Our team is made of all A personalities. we don’t care who gets the credit – We just want to win.

You will not regret giving us the opportunity to facilitate, compose and engineer the growth of your business.

May 11 2019


Mecidiyeköy ingilizce kursları

We are language school in Istanbul
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bakırköy ingilizce kursları

We are language school in Istanbul
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May 01 2019

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